Easier Adjustment on Camera Parameters
Function of Mode Button
Mode Button+Joystick
Mode Button can switch four different follow mode. Long press it to focus subject.
Long press mode button and toggle joystick to left or right,
you can adjust roll axis angle or exposure. Long press mode
button and toggle joystick upward or downward, you can
directly zoom in or zoom out.
Use VILTA Mobile’s one-key control to enjoy fun with photography

Long Press

Phone Detecting Sensor
Balance Detecting (Function)

Not detecting phone, VILTA Mobile won't work.
Considerate design to better protect your gimbal motor.

  • Design

  • Protect

Detecting phone is not balanced, VILTA Mobile will auto
detect and remind you balance the phone.

  • Detect

  • Remind

Motion Time Lapse
Beyond Smart IntelliTrace
Blockbuster Panoramas
  • Auto Mode

    Different from others' linear shooting path,
    motion time lapse of VILTA Mobile supports
    3 degrees free movement, as well as
    adjustment of smoothness of shooting path.

  • Manual Mode

    Manually draw your ideal shooting path,
    giving you creative motion time lapse footage.

  • Beyond Smart IntelliTrace

    Faster tracking capability
    More precise recognition capability
    Precise & automatic tracking render you
    better experience of shooting on the go.

Blockbuster Panoramas with Delightfully Simple
Use of VILTA Mobile

180°、330°、3×3、3×5, four different angles to choose
Much more convenient ever to capture amazing photos and videos

Slow Motion Video
Long Exposure
More Filters

Time-reverse Slow
Motion Video

FV Share equips with slow-motion function.
You can use it to capture many more wonderful
moments, drops of water, traffic, etc.

Long Exposure,
Challenging the Dark

More Filters for Your
Creativity in Photos &
Videos, More Fun.

For hobbyists and professionals, you've got
tens of filters for both photos and videos.
Have fun.

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